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My favourite season in autumn, but I thinks winter décor has something special. It is the combination of a lovely cosy winter with the expectation of the holidays, what inspire me to decorate. But what better way to decorate that with some DIY; easy...


Do you have all your presents ready? Time is closing up but do not worry, I am here to help you.

If you are looking for a present for a real Zelda fan, today I give you some ideas.

Gifts for Zelda Fans

Even if you do not know the difference between Zeld...


If you are still looking for the right present, do not despair! Today we have the perfect gift list for Harry Potter Fans.

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

If you know they are obsessed with Harry Potter, why buy them something else?

This year play safe and...


Searching for the perfect present? It is this time of the year again, and you need to go outside (or start browsing) to find the perfect present for friends and family.

But what if you have nothing in common? It can be really difficult to find a prese...


If you are looking for a home makeover and you are checking magazines after magazine, blog after blog; be careful you do not want to finish with a cookie-cutter design. We all have been there, you fall in love with a design and you just want to stick...


A couple of days ago I was researching about small office design; when I came across an article about the importance personalising your workplace. I found it really interesting as I have experience working in an open office work environment.



I absolutely love indoor plants. I think they bring life into a room, and it is the easiest way to décor staying in budget. But I have a mayor problem… I do not have a Green Thumb at all! In fact in two years, I have probably kill 6 plants, including...


You go into a shop and see a pattern design that you love, but is it fit in your home? Don’t be scared and have some fun decorating! You can use patterns to vary the design and bring some originality into your house.

If professionals and amateur desig...


I moved to the UK some years ago, and since then, I have been living in rented flats. So, I know the struggle of finding the right place and then moving into a flat full of other people furniture. It can be strange at first, because it doesn’t feel l...


Get ready for a home full of colours and freedom! But remember, a maximalist design can be more difficult to achieve than a minimalist one. The point is not to put everything together without order, but having a control chaos where every piece have a...

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Hi there!

I am Alba and here is where I gather my thoughts about design and lifestyle. I really hope you enjoy the reading.

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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog
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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog

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