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Minimalism is a philosophy, a form of life. In this world of constant movement, colour and shapes, we need a place to relax; and what better place that your home. Create a simple, calm and serene space where you can forget all your day to day problem...


If you read every article about Interior Design, or simple check Pinterest for inspiration, I am sure you have come across this trends. Because, we live in a time when two opposites styles are not only acceptable but highly fashionable.

Minimalist vs...


It has been fun and definitely quick, but the summer has come to an end (at least in the UK!). Although, I love summer, autumn is a special season for me; I love the fall colour palette and using layers in fashion and cosy feeling, either at home or...


By the end of summer is the time of the year when a lot of students are moving into a shared house or student residence. Some for the first time, other with enough experience to know what to expect.

It doesn’t matter if you are sharing a house with 6...


During the last few years, more people has become aware of the importance of taking careof our environment. We can see the news in the media taking about recycling and new ways to improve our ecosystem. However, there is still a lot of people that th...


During my Masters research at NTU University, I study the evolution on set design in both movies and video games, and I would like to share some the conclusions.

Design for games

I am sure that you have notice the huge graphics evolution in videogames....


In a previous blog, I wrote a small review of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, talking about the general design and sets that you can find in there.  But this week I would like a focus our thoughts on the amazing work of the design team.



The last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Harry Potter’s Studio Tour in the Warner Bros Studios, London. It was not only an incredible experience for me, as a fan of the story, but also as a Set designer.

Around the 4 hours of visit...

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I am Alba and here is where I gather my thoughts about design and lifestyle. I really hope you enjoy the reading.

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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog
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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog

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