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All original material on this web, including graphics, layouts and photographs belong to ASCasanova, unless stated otherwise.

For any other content I will do my best to have it credited. If you find something that it isn´t properly credited, please contact me and I will be happy to do it.

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Gathering Thoughts blog - ASCasanova - design tips and trends


Happy Thursday! As you know for my previous blog, I have move to Barcelona recently, and obviously moving to a different place means new decoration and lots and lots of browsing through Pinterest.

Like most of you, I really enjoy DIY project, however...


There are many factors at home than can cause a certain level of depression. Check how to fix it here!


I give you some great examples of how to incorporate geek and nerdy touches in your interior design.


Spring is here and it is time to get your home ready for the new season! Find the perfect home decoration following this three spring trends.


I am sure you have notice the importance of wall decoration. Especially, when you move to a new place and look at those empty walls. You need something that show your personality and make you feel at home. But of course without painting walls or maki...


A bachelor flat is the place that you are free to decorate however you want, but it is always useful to know where to start.


Moving houses is always stressful and complicated, especially if it is your first home, but here you have 5 great tips to follow.


If you want to stick to the modern trend in interior design but love plants, the best option for you are Succulents and Cacti.


Creating a welcoming space can take a bit of time, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Today, I give you 6 cheap and easy tips to make your home cosier.


These four amazing interior designers are the ones to watch during 2017. Check their style because there are going to be in every magazine.

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Hi there!

I am Alba and here is where I gather my thoughts about design and lifestyle. I really hope you enjoy the reading.

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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog
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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog

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