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Happy Thursday! As you know for my previous blog, I have move to Barcelona recently, and obviously moving to a different place means new decoration and lots and lots of browsing through Pinterest.

Like most of you, I really enjoy DIY project, however...


I am sure you have notice the importance of wall decoration. Especially, when you move to a new place and look at those empty walls. You need something that show your personality and make you feel at home. But of course without painting walls or maki...


Creating your own Christmas decoration is really fun and a great family project. Today I show you four cute and easy DIY garland projects.


My favourite season in autumn, but I thinks winter décor has something special. It is the combination of a lovely cosy winter with the expectation of the holidays, what inspire me to decorate. But what better way to decorate that with some DIY; easy...


I absolutely love indoor plants. I think they bring life into a room, and it is the easiest way to décor staying in budget. But I have a mayor problem… I do not have a Green Thumb at all! In fact in two years, I have probably kill 6 plants, including...


I moved to the UK some years ago, and since then, I have been living in rented flats. So, I know the struggle of finding the right place and then moving into a flat full of other people furniture. It can be strange at first, because it doesn’t feel l...


By the end of summer is the time of the year when a lot of students are moving into a shared house or student residence. Some for the first time, other with enough experience to know what to expect.

It doesn’t matter if you are sharing a house with 6...

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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog
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Alba Soria Casanova - ASCasanova blog

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