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5 Ideas to decorate your Dorm Room

By the end of summer is the time of the year when a lot of students are moving into a shared house or student residence. Some for the first time, other with enough experience to know what to expect.

5 Ideas for your dorm  - Gathering thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are sharing a house with 6 strangers or living in a dorm. Personalising your room is what will make feel at home again. This is your chance to show your personality and make a statement while staying inside budget.

Either style you want to follow, I can give you some ideas on how to start:

5 Tips for decorating your room.

Get organise:

For my experience, your room would probably be smaller than expected, and you would have a lot of thing to fit in it; from clothes to mementos. So the first point in to stay organise.

You will need a place to work, so there is no point in covering all the table surface. Use the furniture and the walls to make the most of the space. You can find really good drawers organisers in Ikea or H&M Home; also you can check on Pinterest inspiration for how to organise a small bedroom.

Small desk ideas

Inspiration to organise a small desk (Source)

Do not forget the light:

You are going to spend a lot of time in your room, so it is important to have enough light to work, but also been able to control the light for either what tv or just relax. My advice will be to invest in different light options as it is an easy way to control the mood of a room.

Ideas to illuminate your dorm

Illuminate with fairy lights (Source)

Decorate the walls:

Obviously you can customise your walls with posters, but there are a lot of different options that would create a more original space.

If you have a lot of picture to remember your friends and family, you can create a beautiful DIY photography display.

Wall tapestry for bedrooms

Use Wall Tapestry to decorate your walls (Source)

But also you can use Wall tapestry so make a statement about your favourite film or video-game, or just a motivational quote to inspire you every day. You can find a lot of options in online shops like Society6 or Redbuble.

Have fun with the accessories:

For a bedroom there is one thing we can never forget: the beeline! You can use it to add a touch of luxury to your everyday, or to inspire you every morning change the style with the seasons. You can also play with Throw pillows and blankets!

Accessories for bedrooms

Play with the accessories (Source)

Bring life into the room:

And obviously, what better way to bring your dorm to life that by using colourful plants? It would help creating a healthier environment, as you can read on my previous blog (How to make your home Eco-friendly). But also to add a touch of nature into your room. If you are not sure about your green thumb try cactus and succulents!

Succulents and plants

Decorate with indoor plants (Source)

This are my ideas about how to decorate your bedroom, but the most important point is to be creative. This is your change of expressing your personality and discover different styles, so do not be afraid of trying new colours and have fun!

Have you decorated your dorm already? Tell us your story on the comments below and send me some picture through Instagram!

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