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What is your design moto? ‘Less is more’ vs ‘Less is a bore’

If you read every article about Interior Design, or simple check Pinterest for inspiration, I am sure you have come across this trends. Because, we live in a time when two opposites styles are not only acceptable but highly fashionable.

Minimalist vs Maximalist - Gathering Thoughts

Minimalist vs Maximalist trends

From white walls and clean lines to bright colours and multifaceted collections, you can choose to follow the Minimalist or Maximalist Interior Design trend. But which option suits you the best?

5 signs that you are a Minimalist:

  • You have a favourite shade of white and you are scare to use any bright colour.

  • Your ‘go to’ material for every piece of furniture is ‘unfinished plywood’.

  • If entering a clutter room make you feel totally stress.

  • When you see any home accessory, your first though is how difficult will be to clean.

  • You have cabinet where you hide every ‘home décor’ present you receive.

This sound like you? Then you clearly are a Minimalist and ‘Less in more’ is your moto.

Image 1 (Source) Image 2 (Source) Image 3 (Source)

5 signs that you a Maximalist:

  • You are a collector or collections and want everyone to know it.

  • You love every pattern you come across.

  • When shopping, you worry about if it fits and not if it match.

  • If you see a white wall as a missed opportunity to show your personality.

  • You are not afraid to use bold colours.

Any of this looks familiar? You are obviously a Maximalist and ‘Less is a bore’ should be your moto.

Image 1 (Source) Image 2 (Source) Image 3 (Source)

Now that you know the difference between this two trends, which one is your interior design moto? Let me know in the comments below or follow me on Instagram and show me your inspiration.

If you want to know more about this trends and how to apply them to your home, stay tuned! There are plenty more blogs to come.


Después de mirar tantas revistas de interiorismo y bucear en Pinterest, estoy segura de que te has encontrado con estas dos opuestas tendencias. Interiores minimalistas o maximalistas, los dos tienen su encanto, pero ¿cuál es para ti? Pues aquí te doy unas pistas.

Si tu color favorito es el blanco y no quieres que nada lo altere, si una habitación abarrotada te genera estrés o si tienes un armario lleno de toda la decoración que te regalan porque no quieres que alteren tu casa, la tendencia minimalista es la tuya.

Por el contrario si te encanta mezclar colores y estampados, si ves una pared vacía como una oportunidad perdida o si te encanta coleccionar todo lo que encuentras, no lo dudes y hecha un ojo a la moda maximalista.

Comparte en los comentarios con qué tendencia te sientes más identificad@.


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