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Minimalist interior design: 7 tips to follow

Minimalism is a philosophy, a form of life. In this world of constant movement, colour and shapes, we need a place to relax; and what better place that your home. Create a simple, calm and serene space where you can forget all your day to day problems and reconnect with yourself.

“Less is More” by Mies Van der Rohes

Mies Van Der Rohes interior design example (Source)

Do you dream with a minimalist home?

Have you read my previous blog and decided you are a minimalist? Here you have some ideas of how to achieve your perfect minimalist home.

7 tips for a minimalist design

If you are a passionate about minimalist design here you have a few tips on how to apply it:

  1. Only the essentials: The first, and most important, question you need to ask yourself is: Is it an essential? If the answer is no, then you need to take it off the room, or at least give it a try. See how it goes, you can always add it later if you change your mind.

  2. Neutral colour palette: White is a minimalist’s classic colour, but there is a lot of neutral colours to choose from. From light greys to tans or light blues. Choose a colour palette really basic and stick to it. You can add a touch of colour on the decoration later.

  3. Plain Patterns: The only pattern should be the plain one. Obviously you can add a small pattern on the decoration, but not on the furniture or the walls. Try to keep it simple.

  4. Clear floors: With the exception of the main furniture, your floors should be clear. You do not need to store anything on the floor. This step will help to visually declutter the space.

  5. Store stuff out of sight: You will need close cabinets to store all the little things that you currently have. If it is not essential you can either give it away, sell it or store it out of sight.

  6. Go for textures: You can play with the texture as long as you keep it inside the colour palette. It would make your house feel inviting and comfortable, instead of a showroom.

  7. Simple artwork and decoration: One thing is minimalist and another is terrible boring. As long as you keep some walls bare; you can add a touch of colour with a simple drawing or photo. The decoration can serve as accent colour, but it need to be treated with care. You can show a bit of your personality by adding plants or some centre pieces as well.

Minimalist design - Colour ideas

Minimalist design with a touch of colour. (Source)

A minimalist home can be really difficult to achieve, but it has some benefits attach to it. You will fell less stress as a declutter home is also a calming one. Your home will be more appealing for yourself and for visits. And finally, easier to clean as it would have less objects.

Modern minimalist interior design

Modern minimalist interior design. (Source)

Are you up for the challenge? Let me know in the comments below if you think you can follow the 7 rules for minimalist design.

But if minimalist design is not for you, stay tuned! Next week I will give you some tips for just the opposite trend, a Maximalist design!


El diseño minimalista, más que una tendencia es un estilo de vida, donde la simplicidad y la calma son los principales objetivos. Si estás dispuesto a intentar adaptarlo a tu casa aquí te dejo unos consejos.

Planifica de antemano y piensa bien que es lo esencial de cada habitación, y lo que no lo sea, fuera! Elije una paleta de colores neutros y evita los estampados. Mantén la casa recogida y los suelos libres de obstáculos. Más que colores busca texturas. Y una vez este todo listo, añade alguna decoración para dar un toque de color.

Una casa minimalista puede ser muy difícil de conseguir, pero piensa en los beneficios. Sígueme en Pinterest para encontrar más inspiración.

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