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New season - 4 autumn trends

It has been fun and definitely quick, but the summer has come to an end (at least in the UK!). Although, I love summer, autumn is a special season for me; I love the fall colour palette and using layers in fashion and cosy feeling, either at home or outside.

Another reason why I like this month is because I always change my home décor according to the season. It helps me to keep an inspiring home and to stay motivated during the cold months.

Autumn trends in interior design - Gathering Thoughts

If you are like me, and you are looking for inspiration to change your home décor for autumn, I give you some of the latest autumn trends for this year.

4 autumn trends

Use a neutral palette. This year, instead of playing with colours, we are going to play with textures and shapes. You can create a really cosy and inviting room without bright hues. You can go for white on white design for an ultra-fresh and unexpected environment. Or use a warm neutral palette with browns and greys by taking inspiration from nature.

Neutral colours decoration

Decoration in a neutral palette. (Source)

Check the ‘Curated Look’. Also known as ‘maximalist design’ where your only rule is to display everything you love. It doesn’t matter if you collect books or sculptures, or if it is a bit quirky. Every piece will add personality to your space.

Curated Look in Interior Design

Inspiration for the Curated Look. (Source)

Layers and layers. Especially in autumn the main thing is to keep you cosy and warm. Use throw pillows and blankets to fill your sofas and beds. Also, you can spicy your space a little more and mixing patterns and colours in an unexpected way like layering rugs. You can use a big plain rug for your living room and place a small rug with a fancy pattern on top.

Fall design - layering pillows and blankets

Mix pillow designs and layer then on the sofa or bed. (Source)

Mix and match furniture. If you are looking for a change in furniture, this season focus on the colour palette. If your love one piece of furniture in the shop, but you are unsecured about the style, take a risk! Try to keep a unify palette but feel free to mix the design genres and try an eclectic look.

Eclectic design

Eclectic design. (Source)

As you can see, this year you have a wide spectrum of options to choose from. But remember, that the decoration key for fall, it’s all about making you feel cosy and welcome into your home.

Do you love autumn décor? What is your number one home accessory for this season? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share your inspiration with my in Pinterest and Instagram.

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