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Show your mementos! 5 tips for a maximalist home

Tips for a Maximalist design - Gathering Thoughts

Get ready for a home full of colours and freedom! But remember, a maximalist design can be more difficult to achieve than a minimalist one. The point is not to put everything together without order, but having a control chaos where every piece have a reason to be there. You will need to have a plan and work with mood-boards to accomplish your perfect design.

“Less is a Bore” by Robert Venturi

Mood boards and freedom

Have you read my previous blog and decided you are a maximalist? Here you have some ideas of how to achieve the ‘wow’ factor at your home.

Make your home fun and colourful. (Source)

5 tips for a maximalist design

If you have a lot of treasures at home and want to show them all; here I give you some tips on how to create a maximalist interior design that fit your personality:

  1. Be theatrical: You need to think of your home like a stage where you can start building layer by layer. The best way will be to start with the big and essential pieces of furniture and decoration with a neutral colour palette and start decorating from there.

  2. Play with colours: Don’t be afraid to use bold and bright colours, you can always experiment on a mood board first and see what combination you like most. But from there, fell free to mix and match!

  3. Mix styles: From Victorian to Bohemian, feel free to combine different styles of furniture and patterns. From animal print to botanical details, liberate yourself from the design rules!

  4. Combine textures: Layering is a must for the maximalist design. From blankets to pillows for the sofa, from mirror to photographs for the walls, make your home as cosy as possible.

  5. Display your collections: If you like, you must find a place for it! That is the mentality for a maximalist. You will need an open shelving cabinet to show all your collections.

Eclectic example of a Maximalist design. (Source)

However, the most important thing to remember if you want a maximalist home, is to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in day, neither your home. It would take time to collect every piece, visiting local markets or travelling around the world and collecting mementos. You would find the perfect decoration to add, always with stories and memories about every object.

Maximalist and eclectic design

Modern and eclectic interior design example. (Source)

Ready to play with colours and have some fun? Let me know in the comments below if you think you can follow this 5 tips for maximalist design.

Finally, if the maximalist design makes you stress, and you dream with a minimalist home; in my previous blog I give you 7 tips for a minimalist design.

As always, stay tuned! Plenty more information to come.

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