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Mix patterns like a pro! 4 steps to guide you

You go into a shop and see a pattern design that you love, but is it fit in your home? Don’t be scared and have some fun decorating! You can use patterns to vary the design and bring some originality into your house.

If professionals and amateur designers alike are using mix patterns in all sort of project; you can too. You just need to be aware of some steps to mix patterns like a pro.

Mixing patterns - Gathering Thoughts

4 Steps to mix patterns

Select the dominant pattern for the room. You are going to use it in a big way, as it should be notice as soon as you enter the room.

Choose a colour palette (and try to stick to it). Based on the dominant patter and the furniture of the room you can create a simple colour palette that would help you to choose the rest of the home décor.

Find the secondary pattern. It would be great to find a design that uses the dominant colour as well as one or two other colour from your palette. The pattern is going to be used for the secondary in the room, for example throw pillows, lampshades or rugs.

Pick the last pattern. Finally you would need another pattern design for the accent pieces. One option would be to choose a similar pattern as one of the other but with a change in the colours or the scale of the design.

Image 1 (Source), Image 2 (Source)

Finding the right amount of patterns can be a bit overwhelming when you are not confident enough. But here I give some extra tips on how to combines patterns at home.

Tips for patterns lovers

Three or five. Three is the minimum number of patterns you should use to create a great design. Being five the maximum number, as using more than five different ones can be a bit confusing for the eye.

Play with the size. You can set a small pattern against a large one for contrast, but having a limit colour palette will help with the harmony of the place.

Mix patterns designs. You can combine a large floral design with a geometric or plaid one for contrast as long as they work on the same colour palette.

Positive or negative design. Pattern fabrics usually have two sides, the positive (dark motifs on light background) and the negative (light motifs on bark background). One option is to use the same pattern but change the side of the pattern.

Try and Play. Sometimes you wouldn’t know if it works until you try it. Especially for the accent pieces with the final pattern design. You can play with the colours so spice the room a little.

Image 1 (Source), Image 2 (Source), Image 3 (Source), Image 4 (Source)

But above all, don’t be scare! If you love patterns you should use it in your decoration as well. Your home is a reflection of you, so show your personality. Now following this steps and tips you can start mixing and playing the pattern inside your home.

Let me know if you have other ideas about how to mix patterns in the comments below! And share your inspiration with me as always in Pinterest and Instagram.


Aceptémoslo, los estampados están de moda y la verdad que por separado a todos nos encantan. El problema es que cuando queremos combinarlos en una habitación no sabemos por dónde empezar. Pero no te preocupes, si te gustan los estampados aquí te doy cuatro consejos de cómo combinarlos y divertirte decorando.

Primero selecciona el patrón dominante para la habitación, a ser posible con un diseño grande para que domine la estancia. Después crea una paleta de color basada en el estampado principal, esto te ayudara en la elección de los otros diseños. Ahora elige el segundo estampado, busca uno que contenga uno o dos colores de la paleta de color y utilízalo para cojines, alfombras o tulipas. Y por último, selecciona el estampado final, este puede ser de color más llamativo ya que lo vas a utilizar para piezas pequeñas.


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