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Winter décor: 3 DIY projects

Winter decor DIY - Gathering thoughts

My favourite season in autumn, but I thinks winter décor has something special. It is the combination of a lovely cosy winter with the expectation of the holidays, what inspire me to decorate. But what better way to decorate that with some DIY; easy to make on your own or as a family activity.

You can find a wide range of options to decorate in winter, from elegant with whites and silvers, to traditional with red and green. However, the trend this season is the rustic style to create a cosy and magical space inside your home.

Therefore, I complied for you three easy and fun DIY projects. I promise you, with this decoration you won’t complain about staying at home this winter.

3 inspiring DIY projects

DIY Woodland sign (source)

Winter DIY project - let it snow

Pine Cone Garland (source)

Pinecone - Winter DIY

Décor with Dry oranges (source)

Pinecone and orange - DIY winter decor

I hope you felt inspire by these DIY and have some new ideas to decorate your home for winter.

Do not forget to share your project pictures with me in Instagram and share your experience in the comments below.


Con diferencia, mi estación del año favorita es el otoño. Pero tengo que admitir que la decoración de invierno tiene un encanto especial. Es una combinación de tranquilidad hogareña con la expectativa de las vacaciones lo que me inspira a decorar la casa, especialmente para los meses más fríos del año.

Pero lo ideal para decorar la casa en invierno es hacerlo tú misma con proyectos DIY, ideal como actividad en una tarde lluviosa, o para compartir con la familia. Asique hoy he recogido tres proyectos DIY ideales para estos meses. Pero eso sí, comparte los resultados conmigo a través de las redes sociales.


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