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The perfect gifts for Star Wars fans

Gift ideas for star wars fans - Gathering thoughts

Searching for the perfect present? It is this time of the year again, and you need to go outside (or start browsing) to find the perfect present for friends and family.

But what if you have nothing in common? It can be really difficult to find a present for someone that likes different movies, or is into different hobbies.

If you want to find a perfect present but you don’t understand the theme, you can end up expending a lot of money in a present that it is going to be return or hide in a closet. Even if you had the best intentions, finding the perfect gift can be a nightmare.

However, this year you have my help as I decided to create a miniseries of blog with gifts ideas for specific themes.

Today we have the perfect gift list for Star Wars Fans.

Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Even if you haven’t seen the movies, or even have a clue of what ‘The Force’ means. You can find the perfect gift for a Star Wars Fan.

If you know they love Star Wars do not buy shocks this year, and play safe with one of the presents on the list below.

Gift list for Star Wars fans - Gathering Thoughts

1 - Fun and cute graphic t-shirt from Design by Hümans (Cartoons)

2 - Canon books to fill the gaps in the story (Aftermath and Lost Stars)

3 - Explore the galaxies with this DIY metal models (Miniature DIY)

4 - Carry the Force with you with this pouch from Redbubble (Studio Pouch)

5 - Enjoy your breakfast with this mug collection from Redbubble (Dead Star, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and R2D2)

6 - A true helmet for a true master of the Force (Cast replica helmet)

Not exactly what you are looking for? Check my blog during this month, I will give you some ideas to buy the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans, Zelda fans and DC Comics fans.

Of course, if you have any other suggestion share it on the comments below!

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