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Gift ideas for Harry Potter fans

Gift ideas for Harry potter´s fans - Gathering thoughts

If you are still looking for the right present, do not despair! Today we have the perfect gift list for Harry Potter Fans.

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

If you know they are obsessed with Harry Potter, why buy them something else?

This year play safe and buy a present that a true Harry Potter fan would love.

Present ideas for Harry Potter fans - Gathering thoughts

1 - Original and magic necklace (Dumbledore wand)

2 - Show your colours with this drawstring bags (Gryffindor and Slytherin)

3 - Write magic stories in this notebook (Prophet's hardcover)

4 - Take a ride with your favourite laptop case (Knight Bus)

5 - Go outside and play Quidditch (Set)

6 - Check out the new book (Harry Potter and the Curse Child)

Not exactly a Harry Potter fan? Stay tuned to ‘Gathering Thoughts’ during this month for more ideas to buy the perfect gift for Star Wars fans, Zelda fans and DC Comics fans.

If you have other suggestions please share it on the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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