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How to make your home cosier

Make your home cosier - Gathering Thoughts

I really enjoy checking the interior design magazines and admiring this perfect rooms, but deep down I wonder if I would be comfortable living in there. Because, interiors are not only to be look and admire, actually they are for living!

What is the point of having a perfect house if you do not feel comfortable touching or moving anything, if your guest do not feel welcome and are scare to even sit on the sofa?

A home needs to be inviting, for both guests and yourself, a warm and cosy space to create memorable moments with friends and family and to relax after a stressful day.

Creating a welcoming space can take a bit of time, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. You just need to analyse in what areas you need to improve and change some details in your decoration.

Today, I give you 6 cheap and easy tips to make your home cosier and inviting.

1. Take care of your hall!

In your home, as in life, first impressions matter. The entryway is the first thing you see when coming back home for a stressful day, as well as the first thing your guests are going to see, so dedicate some time taking care of it.

To make your entryway more inviting thinks about putting some “Welcome” sings, placing racks to leave the jackets or umbrellas, or a big green plant to add some colour.

Home entryway - gathering thoughts

2. Layers and more layers

Soft furnishing as throw pillow, soft ottomans, rugs or blankets is the quickest way to make a space warm and inviting. It helps soften the room visually and therefore it would look more comfortable.

3. Mix but not always match

You need to avoid the “show-house” look, they look pretty but definitely not cosy and personal. So mix furniture from different stores and styles that would give texture creating a more appealing interior.

Mix and match furniture - gathering thoughs

4. Organise the stacks

Unclutter the space will help alleviate your stress and create a more organise room for your guests. If you can get rid of the stack of bills, magazines or to-do list, at least put them away before your guest arrive!

5. Life is on the details

Fresh flowers are a great details to have at home, it adds some vibrancy and life to the space make in it more welcoming. I usually buy some fresh flowers at the grocery store (not expensive at all) and create a nice and inexpensive centrepiece that is going to ambience the house for the week.

The other idea that I totally love is to have scented candles. Candles transform the mood of the room really quickly, it will be the first thing your guest will smell when entering the room, but also, candles give a soft and warm light, giving the room a different and cosier atmosphere.

6. Play with the light

Lighting gets usually forgotten during the decoration process, however it is one of the most important and technical details that you need to consider. You need to avoid fluorescent lights and try to install dimmers to have more control over the illumination. One quick tip is to change the bulbs to the new warm LED ones.

Lighting - Gathering Thoughts

It is really important to love your home, especially after a stressful day when you only want to go home and relax. If this is not the case right now, it is time for a change! And as you can see in this blog, you do not need to expend lots of money to make your home more welcoming and cosy; you just need to think of the details.

Do you feel comfortable in others people houses? Share your experience on the comments below!


Es cierto que las casas de revista dejan embobado a cualquiera, siempre tan ordenaras y perfectas. Pero muchas veces me pregunto si sería capaz de vivir en una de esas casas tan cuidadas e impersonales. Porque al final una casa no es solo para ensenarla, sino que al final del día, tienes que poder vivir en ella. Un hogar tiene que resultar agradable y cómodo, tanto para uno mismo como para los invitados. Desde luego nadie quiere que le inviten a cenar en una casa y tener miedo de hasta sentarte en el sofá.

Asique hoy te doy unas claves para convertir tu casa en un lugar más agradable y acogedor. Las primeras impresiones importan, asique cuida el recibidor, ten preparada una zona para colgar los abrigos y dejar los paraguas. Ten extra cojines y mantas en sofá y sillones, tu salón se verá mucho más acogedor. Mezcla estilos en la decoración para que no parezca una casa sacada de un expositor de muebles. Prepara centros de mesa con flores frescas y coloca por la casa velas aromáticas. Y por último juega con la luz, ten opciones de luz de ambiente en todas las habitaciones.


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