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Interior Design Trends for 2017

Interior Design Trends for 2017 - Gathering thouhgts

Happy New Year!

The New Year has just arrived, but the design industry has already decided the trends for 2017.

Are you ready to take a peek?

Here I give you the top 5 interior design trends that we can expect to see around, I am sure some are here to stay, so get ready to start redecorating because you are going to love them.

Organic-looking materials

If you are looking for a natural and organic feeling in your home, 2017 is your year. We are going to have a large selection of natural texture materials to choose from, both for upholstering and wall finishing. Cane, abaca o rattan can be used in a multiples settings, from upholstery to wall decoration. But cork is going to be the king of accent walls, but also in combination with other materials for table and stools tops.

Organic materials - 2017 design trends


Old-fashioned lighting

This year is all about retro furniture and accessories, from the art deco and early industrialisation to the colour pop of the 70. However, the new retro lighting is going to be the highlight of the year. I am sure you already have come across this new decorative light bulb that resembles the 1920 style but in an energy-efficient version. This look great for an industrial looking interior or just as an accent pendant light.

Lighting - 2017 design trends

Metallic accent details

Metallic finishes have been around for home accessories for quite some time, but it looks this trend is still very popular. Especially focus con the warm metallic, with golden and copper tones. It can be brushed to create a more industrial interior, or shine to make it more modern and blend perfectly with wood and white finishes. A shine metallic finish help reflect the light so you can use it close to a fireplace, candles or windows.

Metallic - 2017 design trends

Modularity as the new furniture systems

During the past few years modular furniture has had a huge demand, especially with the necessity of so many people moving from one small apartment to another. Finally, the designer have listen and in 2017 we will be able to find more flexible, high-functional and modern modular furniture. Now, all we need is the creativity to use it!

Modular furniture - 2017 design trends

Earthy colour palette

Last year Rose Quartz shade was only the beginning for the soft and earthy colour schemes. In 2017 we are going to be looking for softer, organic muted tones, like the pantone Kale (18-0107 TCX), Hazelnut (14-1315 TCX) or Pale Dogwood (13-1404 TPX). An earthy colour palettes looks great with multiple interior design styles and you can always spicy it up playing with textures and layers.

Greenery - 2017 design trends

And these 5 trends are only the beginning of an exciting new year for the interior design industry. New organic and sustainable materials, muted colour palettes, al combine with metallic finishes; it is what 2017 is bringing to interior designers.

I can’t wait to see what design will combine all of these trends, so stay tune because I will be updating you with the latest interior design news.


¡Feliz año Nuevo! Acabamos de entrar en el 2017, pero los profesionales de las industrias del diseño ya han decidido que tendencias van a estar en todas las revistas y tiendas de decoración durante este año. Asique si quiere ver un adelanto, hoy te traigo las 5 tendencias in interiorismo para el 2017.

Materiales orgánicos, tanto para el revestimiento de paredes como para muebles, este año vamos a ver un aumento de los materiales orgánicos como el corcho o el ratán. En 2017 el mobiliario y los accesorios se vuelven retro, sobretodo en la iluminación nos vamos a encontrar nuevas luminarias con alta eficiencia energética pero inspiradas en los años 20. Acabados metálicos para los accesorios de decoración, especialmente en tonos cálidos como el dorado envejecido o en cobre. Aumento de la modularidad, por fin la industria del mueble ha reconocido el incremento de demanda de mobiliario modular especialmente para pisos de alquiler para jóvenes. Y finalmente en 2017 la paleta de colores se vuelve terrosa; con colores pantone como el “Kale”, “Hazelnut” o “Pale Dogwood”.


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