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Decorate your walls – 6 cheap and easy ideas

Wall decor cheap and easy - Gathering Toughts

I am sure you have notice the importance of wall decoration. Especially, when you move to a new place and look at those empty walls. You need something that show your personality and make you feel at home. But of course without painting walls or making lots of holes.

Do you feel intimidate by those big windowless walls? I am here to help you. You do not need to expend a fortune in fancy paints or wallpaper. Below, I give you some ideas to decorate your walls in an inexpensive and really easy way.

6 cheap and easy ideas

1. Discover the Washi Tape: You can find it in all types of colours, patterns and sizes. I am absolutely in love with Washi Tape, especially for its versatility. You can use it for all types of DIY, but if you are looking to decorate your walls, Washi Tape is ideal as it doesn’t mark the walls or remove the paint.

Washi Tape wall decor

Check the DIY Temporary Wallpaper created using Washi Tape.

2. Clip Boards on the walls: If you get bored of having the same decoration around the year; and prefer to spice keep updating your walls, here is your best option. Select one wall and place come wooden clipboards. If you cannot make holes on the walls check this Velcro tapes. Then on the clipboard you can place some kids drawing, or motivational quotes that you can print directly com the internet, or even use it as mood board and place scraps that would keep you happy and inspire all week long.

Clip boards wall decor

Decor your walls with this DIY.

3. Clocks everywhere: another way to décor your walls is to place some nice, colourful clocks. Especially in the kitchen or at the hall, if you need a clock use it as decoration as well. You can find some really original design in Society 6 or create your own with some DIY inspiration.

Decor with clocks

Wall decoration with vintage clocks (source).

4. Yarn art, Why not? If you are looking for a more country/hippie look this is for you. You would need to search for a nice stick in a park nearby, and cleaning thoroughly after, but that is the difficult part. For the rest just find some colourful yarns and get some inspiration.

DIY yarn art

DIY yarn art (source).

5. Oversize image: I am sure you have seen the trend of wall gallery, with a images compositions. However, if you have one photograph that you love, or an illustration that inspire you and make you happy, why not use all over the wall? Go big or go home! Go to your local printshop and ask for the bigger size, or check through Redbubble for a big wall tapestry.

Decor with oversize images

Huge poster decor (source).

6. The return of Wallpaper: If you like some colourful or texturize wallpaper, but you can’t afford a whole wall. You still can use it! You just need to find some wooden panels and paste the wallpaper or the fabric on it. Or use fabric scraps as wall art.

Fabric wall decor DIY

Decor your walls with fabric (source).

Now you don’t have an excuse, don’t let those big windowless wall intimidate you and try some of this ideas. An empty wall is an opportunity to express yourself.

Do you have any other ideas? Share your tips on the comments bellow or share your inspiration in Instagram or Pinterest.


Estoy segura de que has notado la importancia de la decoración en pared, especialmente cuando te mudas a un piso nuevo y miras esas paredes desoladas. Necesitas algo que te haga sentir en casa, que muestre tu personalidad, a ser posible que sea económico y todo ello sin ponerte a pintar o a taladrar las paredes. Si te intimidan las paredes vacías, aquí te dejo unos consejos.

Utiliza Washi Tape, es súper versátil y puedes encontrarlo en todo tipo de anchos, colores y estampados; tienen muchos de ejemplos para inspirarte in Pinterest, y lo mejor de todo es que no te marcara las paredes ni quitará la pintura. Si encuentra papel de pared o papel de regalo tienes dos opciones, enmarcarlo y utilizarlo como lamina de pared o empapelar unos paneles de madera y utilizarlo como cabecero de cama. Decora con relojes de pared, puedes combinar los tamaños y colores para crear una composición.


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