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The guide to decorate a Bachelor Pad

Decorate a bachelor pad - Gathering Thoughts

Having a bachelor pad can be very exciting, especially at the beginning when you start thinking and planning, and probably even dreaming of everything it can happen in there… But I can assured you that if the flat is just a mess, things won’t go according to plan.

Of course a bachelor flat is the place that you are free to decorate however you want, but it is always useful to know where to start.

So if you are planning on starting this adventure, do it right and check this easy guideline on how to decorate a bachelor flat.

Guideline for the perfect bachelor pad:

1. Go for simple and straight lines, do not over complicate the room with a mixture of colours and patterns, and try to keep it simple.

2. Search for raw material finishes like concrete, bricks or hardwood, it would give a more stylish look to the room without too much effort. Also, this pieces are really versatile if you decide to change the style later on life.

3. Mix light furniture with some heavier looking pieces, like a vintage heavy wooden desk. It would help you create a more sturdy looking interior.

4. Select a neutral colour palette for the basics, and combine it with some bold bright colours for special furniture pieces. This will create a really fun and original design. Choose some bold red chairs or some bright yellow cabinet.

Bachelor pad fun decoration

5. Plan for a lot of organising space. Definitely you will need to keep everything in order but without spending decades trying to organise the room. So plan in advance for covers and cabinets around the flat.

6. Have fun with wall decoration. Introduce your hobbies in your bachelor pad through wall décor, it is easy to change and keep up to date if you get tired of the same decoration. Also it would show your personality, try to find original designs like in Redbubble, Society 6 or Gamerprint. They offer a huge range of designs and styles, as well as options to hang on the walls, from wall tapestry to boards or posters.

7. Have a complete set of kitchenware, or at least 4 sets of tableware. You never know when you may need to put another dish on the table, so better be ready.

8. And finally, ask your friends about your flat. It won’t harm to know the opinion of those people closed to you. Maybe you lack blankets on the sofa, or you need more ambient lights, or you have too many pictures of yourself, or just gone overboard with game’s related decoration… You deserve to have fun decorating your home but sometimes it is good to have an extra opinion.

Now that you know the guideline to decorate the perfect bachelor pad, get inspired by this amazing interiors.

Do you live in a bachelor pad? Share your ideas on how to decorate a flat on the comments below. If you need more inspiration check my Pinterest board!


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