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Could your home be making you depressed?

Depressed home - Gathering thoughts

The impact of your space on your everyday mood is really important. Especially if you spend a lot of time at home. Your house should make you feel relax, secure and safe, but this is not always the case.

In my experience clutter is the number one factor to create stress at home and can make you feel a little down. When you arrive home, clutter is the constant reminder of the thing to do, bills to pay, thing to clean… so we need to get rid of it. But there are many factors at home than can cause a certain level of depression.

If you do not feel comfortable in your home and need to bright your spirit, here I give some tips on how to start.

5 tips to bright your mood at home

Light the space.

We are strongly affected by light, think about the importance of sun hours during the day and how much it affects you. If you are lucky enough to life in a sunny country, open your windows, use sheer curtains instead of heavy draperies. If you are not so lucky, change some of your bulb for full-spectrum lighting, which will make a huge difference. This new lights are used clinically for people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

So remember open your windows, use sheer materials, update your bulbs and add some mirrors to reflect the light. I can assured you that your over-all mood will improve quickly.


I understand it can be really difficult, but clutter can make you feel overwhelm even if you don’t realise. I know, some time we do not see it as clutter, just some stuff that we have. But you need to stay strong and declutter your home. It would make feel way better! If you do not love it, it goes. If you are not sure why you have it, it goes. If you doubt, it goes. That simple.

Start one room at a time, and try to not overthink it. Just get rid of all the cutter that is making your home more difficult to clean and it’s creating stress. You would see how quickly your home lights up.

Clutter home - Gathering Thoughts

Move the furniture.

I know it may sound silly, but moving your furniture around can change completely the way you see your house. Think about the position of the sofa or your bed, and think about the way you move in the room. Is it a natural flow?

When I moved to my flat the first thing I did was to move the sofa because for me it made more sense the new distribution. So give it a try! Also, it would make it feel like in a new place, and of course is a great opportunity to deep clean the room.

Star a DIY project.

It doesn’t need to be a huge project, it can be something small like painting a frame or decorating your lampshade. But doing some DIY can make you happier, especially when you finish it, it would be something to be proud of every time you look at it.

Change the air.

The air inside your home is also very important to make you feel good. Add something small that make you smile and help you calm. For example some scented candles or scent diffuser can make a big difference. Or go big and buy some indoor plants to purify the air and also decorate your home. In a previous blog I give you some ideas of indoor plants that won’t die on you! So give it a try.

Candles and plants - Gathering Thoughts

I know it can be overwhelming, but if you are looking for answers to bright your spirit, here you have some to try. But think, it doesn’t need to be done in one day. Start with one room at a time, or even one cover a day. And step by step your over-all mood will improve drastically.

Do you think your home is making you depress? Share your experience in the comments below.


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