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Indoor plants for ‘Black thumbs’

Indoor plants for Black Thumbs - Gathering Thoughts

I absolutely love indoor plants. I think they bring life into a room, and it is the easiest way to décor staying in budget. But I have a mayor problem… I do not have a Green Thumb at all! In fact in two years, I have probably kill 6 plants, including a bamboo branch from Ikea (Yes, the eternal ones!).

However, I do not desist, every time one dies, I replace it. Because I love having plants in my home; especially living in a flat on the city centre, having indoor plants helps me to stay in contact with nature.

Also, as you can read on my previous blog (How to make your home Eco-friendly) having plants in your home will help you to purify the air creating a more restful environment in any room. They increase the oxygen levels and clear out toxins, some plants even have the NASA approval stamp.

If you are like me and are in search for the perfect (easy maintenance) indoor plant, here I give you some examples.

6 indoor plants that won’t die on you.

Aloe plant – Helps clear the air of pollutants usually found in cleaning products; also the plant’s leave will show brown spots when the amount of harmful chemicals in the air becomes excessive. But keep in mind that needs lots of sun to grow.

Aloe Vera indoor plant

Aloe Plant (Source)

English Ivy – Listed as number one air-filtering houseplant by NASA. English Ivy can climb to almost any surface and it will grow beautifully without worrying much about maintenance.

English Ivy Indoor Plant

English Ivy (Source)

Snake plant – This plant releases oxygen during night, in opposition of the majority of other plants, so it is the ideal plant for your bedroom. Also, it doesn’t need much water or light so It is perfect of any corner.

Snake plant - Indoor decor

Snake plant (Source)

Golden Pothos – It is part of the NASA list since the 80s for its capability to clear formaldehyde from your home air. It look really nice and it’s easy to grow, even in cool temperatures with low levels of sunlight.

Golden Photos for Home decor

Golden Photos (Source)

Spider plant – It is the ideal plant for a rocky gardener as doesn’t need much care. Also they have a really interesting look that would help you with your house decoration.

Spider plant for indoor decor

Spider plant (Source)

Dracaena – Helps remove toxins form the air and doesn’t need much care, but grows best in sunlight (I keep mine near the living room window). It is a great indoor decorative plant as it can grow to the ceiling-height, and I totally recommended as it has survive with my care for two years and (finger cross) more to come.

Dracaena plant for indoor

Dracaena plant (Source)

Let me know if you try any of these plants on the comments below! And share your experience and tips with indoor plants, do you have a Green Thumb or is as black as mine?

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