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Three winter trends for home accessories

Winter trends - Gathering Thoughts

Are you ready for winter? The cold season is close, and what better way to be ready than having your home prepared for some cosy afternoons.

Personally, I thinks is really fun to decorate your home for each season. It creates a special atmosphere at home, especially when you know some festivity is close by. But, winter has something magic, and I like to express it on my home décor.

However, we need to control the budget, and we cannot change the whole room four times a year. But that is way home accessories are here for! Just by adding a few things here and there you will have your home ready for winter in no time.

Here you have the three accessory trends you need to follow to create the perfect home for winter, without over expending.

3 Winter Trends

Add some unexpected colour. I love the neutral and classy colour palette for winter, but this year we have the opportunity to spice it up a little. Find a bright colour or a boldly pattern and mix it up with the neutral winter decoration. Also, if you want to avoid the classic green and red Christmassy colours, go for a burgundy, pale pink or emerald green.

Winter trends - burgundy colour

Example of how to use burgundy (source).

Texture and layers all around. The idea of winter décor is to create the perfect room for cosy afternoons at home. So what better way to set the scene that with cosy pillows, throw blankets or thick rugs. This year neutral colour sheepskin and knitted accessories are a must!

Winter trends - texture and layers

Mixture of texture, ideal for winter (source).

Candles and more candles. This winter, candles are focal point of decoration. Forget simple candlesticks, this year is all or nothing. You can play with neutral thick candles or be bold and find some bright colour ones. Place them as centrepieces or to décor a non-working fireplace.

Winter trends - candles

Centerpiece with candles and textures (source).

Now you do not have any excuse! This weekend get your home ready for winter by following this simple accessory’s trends. Do not forget to share your ideas on the comments below and show me your decoration on Instagram.


¿Tienes la casa preparada para el invierno? Ya no queda nada para las hogareñas tardes de invierno bajo la manta viendo una peli o leyendo un libro. Pero que mejor manera de ir caldeando el ambiente que empezar a decorar la cada para el invierno. Con unos accesorios puedes cambiar toda la decoración de la habitación, fácilmente y sin salirte del presupuesto. Aquí te dejo las tendencias para decorar la casa este invierno.

Este año añade un toque de color a la clásica decoración neutra, evita el tradicional rojo, y apuesta por Granates, Esmeraldas o Rosa palo. Juega con las texturas, crea un ambiente acogedor mediante cojines, mantas o alfombras. Pero lo que no puede faltar este invierno son las velas, crea centros de mesa con velas de diferentes alturas, o decora diferentes rincones de tu casa con velas aromáticas.


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